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Davlin’s Wall Coating System form an elastomeric, water-proof, high performance wall coating that provides long-term protection and beauty over a variety of surfaces.

Combine our wall coating system with Butylseal to parapet walls, cracks and prevent asphalt bleed-through, for a pristine finish

Davlin’s 3 Layer Wall Coating System

Primer Coat
Butylseal 572
provides a firm foundation on concrete, masonry, wood or stucco surfaces.  It has excellent sealing properties while maintaining enough tack to securely apply a basecoat.

Base Coat
Acrylastic 490
is a waterproof wall coating, that when properly prepared, provides long-term protection over a variety of surfaces, including concrete, masonry, metal wood and stucco.  Also availabe in texture finish (490TC)

Top Coat
Sunshield 3800
is a highly reflective top coat providing excellent solar reflectance and UV resistance.  Its hardness and durability make it resistant to microbial growth and easy to clean

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