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Chemically engineered to outlast competitive solutions.

Sunshield has a higher spray coverage than other acrylics, for the lowest material cost. This coverage rate is possible because Davlin adds five times the levels of reflective Titanium Dioxide pigment, compared to typical white coatings. 


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Sunshield is an ultra-reflective water-based, energy smart acryllic top coat designed to protect against damaging UV rays. Ranked with the highest long- term SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) on the market in its category. Sunshield 3800 is chemically engineered to be dirt resistant and durable at the lowest cost per sq ft and per Watt-peak.

Sunshield is highly resistant to microbial growth and requires few anti-microbial additives. By comparison, other coatings require massive amounts of biocide, which leach out and become ineffective within 3-5 years.


   CIGS Reflectance:                                                           98% Initial ;  94% Settled.

   CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council) SRI:                   111 Initial ; 105 Settled (3 years)


Save Money with Tax Credits

The IRS offers tax credits for reflective coating energy savings and solar power generation. Consult your tax expert for details.

Protecting the Environment

All Davlin products contain NO zinc additives and have a low erosion rate, which contributes to cleaner wastewater in our streams, rivers, lakes, and bays.

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