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Don’t Reroof, Coat Your Roof Instead

Waterproofing is the ultimate goal of a well-designed roof system.  Better waterproofing is achieved by using layers of a flexible material which conforms to the roof’s contours and provides a continuous seal despite movement or temperature change.

A properly maintained Davlin roof system can extend the life of your flat roof indefinitely.

Davlin’s Roof Cool Coating System Utilizes Three Key Coating Elements

Primer Coat
UltraRoof 900

Elastomeric coating minimizes ponding and provides waterproof, weatherproof ultra-tough membrane over new or existing roof surfaces.

Base Coat
Acrylastic 510

Reflective, weatherproof, bright white, water-based, elastomeric base coat.  Creates a seamless, watertight, fully adhered membrane.

Top Coat
Sunshield 3800

Highly reflective top coat provides excellent solar reflectance and UV resistance.  Its hardness and durability make it resistant to microbial growth and easy to clean.

Tenacious Adhesion – Sticks firmly to roof
                High Tensile Strength – Prevents Breaking
                                    Low Perm Rate – Keeps liquid out
                                                        Breathes – Lets water vapor pass
                                                                      Resists Alkali – Apply in Low pH environment
                                                                                        Resists Acid – Withstands Acidic rain
                                                                                                        Resists Salts – Apply near ocean

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