About Davlin Coatings

We are the Pioneers in Elastomeric Waterproof Coatings

Davlin Coatings is a California business established in 1968. We manufacture a complete line of coatings – architectural and industrial – as well as many specialty coatings including the ACRYLASTIC line of waterproof elastomerics.

ACRYLASTIC was born in 1975 out of a need for coating with superior water-proofing characteristics, adhesion, toughness and elongation.

Davlin’s experience in flame-retardant coatings stems from being one of the best manufacturers of these coatings in the world. Our product was chosen by NASA to protect cargo containers carried aboard the Space Shuttles fleet.

ACRYLASTIC stands at the top in the development of quality waterproof elastomeric coatings. Davlin’s Acrylastic product line offers elongation rates up to 2100%, tensile strength up to 2000 p.s.i., adhesive characteristics similar to an epoxy glue and the durability of an acrylic.

Our booth at trade shows will feature three product; Cap Seal, the Cool Roof Kit and the Deck Coatings Kit. Cap Seal has a 40 year history of success. Our Cool Roof Kit meets California Title 24 requirements and has an aged SRI rating of 105. The Deck Coatings Kit can cover 100 square feet with superior waterproofing properties while maintaining a low cost to the consumer.

Contact us for information on any of our Architectural Paint products: (510) 848-2863 or (800) 709-5919
email: info@davlincoatings.com