With 50 years of experience engineering specialty coatings, Davlin is excited to jump into the next half century of excellence. 

Our mission is to help businesses protect their buildings from extreme weather and damaging UV rays by providing durable, sustainable coating systems and products.

Davlin’s unique formulas also help reduce CO2 Emissions and keep your building cool, saving your business money on electricity costs. 

3 Key Coating Systems

Our Coatings Provide Superior Performance

  • Greater Flexibility
  • Greater Strength
  • Extreme Waterproofing
  • Ultimate UV Resistance
  • High Tensile Elongation %
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Low Perm Rates
  • Outstanding Longevity

Tested and Trusted by World famous icons:

Golden Gate Bridge (International Orange) Weatherproof Coating Formula
A Non-Flaming Enamel for the Space Shuttle
San Francisco Cable Cars Weatherproof Coating

Combating Climate Change

Davlin’s Energy Efficient Coatings help reduce CO2 Emissions 

Over the next 20 years, by simply painting rooftops white, as much as 24 trillion tons of carbon dioxide could be kept out of the atmosphere. That’s the equivalent of removing the emissions of half the world’s cars during that time.

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Contractor's Favorites

Mastic Sealant

Designed to be applied directly over freshly applied asphalt on parapet wall caps, sides flashing and repair details, it prevents black asphalt from bleeding though, prolonging its life.

“Liquid Rubber”  
Waterproofing Sealant

Designed to seal, protect, and restore several surfaces. Superior at creating a durable weatherproof membrane that outlasts alternative solutions.

Ultra-Reflective Top Coat

Highly reflective top coat provides excellent solar reflectivity and UV resistance. (One of the highest SRI ratings on the market).  Its hardness and durability make it resistant to microbial growth and easy to clean.

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