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Technical Sheets
A List of PDF's Regarding technical Specifications of Davlin Products (Ready to View and/or Print)

Acrylastic 490TC Specification
CapSeal 800 Product Data
CapSeal 800 MSDS
Acrylastic 810 Data Sheet
Acrylastic 810 MSDS
Catylon 830 Product Data

Catylon 830 MSDS Coming Soon
Catylon 830 is a single component water-reducible industrial silicone alkyd enamel for use over primed metal exterior surfaces. Catylon is recommended as a top coat when long term durability is required. Due to its excellent UV resistance and durability in extreme weather conditions, its gloss and color retention is superior to conventional alkyds. Catylon forms an extremely tight film similar to urethane and other two component coatings.

Catylon functions extremely well as a coating for ski lifts and snow making equipment. Some current users are:

Vail Ski Area, Colorado Breckenridge Ski Area, Colorado Copper Mountain Ski Area, Colorado