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Deck Coatings
Acrylastic 600 Deck Coating - (View PDF)

Davlin's waterproof deck coating systems involves a primer, base coat and an optional top coat. Our system
has a proven track record since the 1980's over plywood, cement and asphalt surfaces. Davlin's deck system
is durable enough to be applied over a living space and easy enough to be applied by the do-it-yourselfer.

  Primer: Butylseal 572 (wood, cement) Acrylastic 900 (asphalt)
  Base Coat: Acrylastic 600
     Percent Elongation = 400 %
     Tensile Strength = 1000 p.s.i
     Moisture Vapor Transmission = 1.4
  Optional Top Coat: Sunshield 3800, 100% Acrylic

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For exact specifications and detailed installation instructions please call a Davlin representative at
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