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Roof Coatings - (View PDF)

Waterproof Roof Coating System:  Re-Surface and waterproof new and old, flat and low-sloped Tar & Gravel, BUR, Modified Bitumen, Urethane Foam and Galvanized Metal roofs with Davlin's guaranteed roof coating system.

Reflective Roof Coating System:  Lower cooling costs and prolong the life expectancy of your new and existing
roof with the best reflective roof coatings on the market. Our reflective system offers similar low cost to aluminum or silver coatings with much greater performance and longevity.
(View Reflective 900/3800 Specifications)

Coating and Roof Repair -
(View Reflective 900/3800 Smooth)

Capseal 800:  Roofing Mastic Sealer. Designed to be applied directly over freshly applied
asphalt on parapet wall caps, 3 course details and repairs. (View CapSeal PDF)

Waterproof Roof Coating System

Davlin's waterproof roof coating system begins with its patented Acrylastic Asphalt 900.
Acrylastic 900 far exceeds its competition in all major factors that determine a coatings ability to perform.
  1 gl. of Acrylastic 900 does more than 3 gls. of asphalt emulsion
     More coating for your money, cuts down application costs
  Superior flexibility and 1000% elongation
     Much higher than modified asphalt emulsions
  Extremely strong, has highest tensile strength in its class at 800 p.s.i.
     Much stronger than asphalt emulsions
  Superior waterproofing, moisture vapor transmission as low as 0.6 perms
     Waterproofs over 3 times more than asphalt emulsions
     Minimizes problems in areas subject to ponding
  Superior adhesion, 400 p.s.i. and up
     Resists peeling
  Easy application
     Airless, rolling or brush
     Easy clean-up and low odor
  High Solids
     Low shrinkage

All of these performance characteristics add up to greater value life cycle costs.  Davlin's typical system involves
1-3 coats, depending on protection required.


Reflective Roof Coating System

Davlin's reflective roof coating system will dramatically lengthen the life of your roof, lower thermal
fluxing thereby lowering cooling costs and offer an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Our system
is designed to maximize both cost effectiveness and performance. Our reflective coatings include:

Acrylastic Asphalt 900: (View PDF) A revolutionary elastomeric waterproof coating. Acrylastic 900 can be applied in a single coat at a rate of 1 gallon per 100 sq. ft. directly over smooth and granulated modified bitumen, BUR and capsheet, tar & gravel, old aluminum coatings urethane foam and more. It is designed to offer similar costs to silver or aluminum coatings with far greater performance with the ability to withstand ponded water and to stretch with the movement of the roof without cracking or alligatoring.


Acrylastic 510 (View PDF)
Comes in white or custom colors. Acrylastic 510 is an elastomeric, waterproof, reflective coating that exceeds the performance of other elastomeric roof coatings with an Elongation Percentage of 2100% and Tensile Strength of 1400 p.s.i.  Acrylastic 510 can be applied at a rate of 1 gallon per 100 sq. ft. over urethane foam. When applying over granulated capsheet, smooth asphalt and tar surfaces, we recommend using Acrylastic Asphalt 900 as a primer.
(View Specifications)


Sunshield 3800, 100% Acrylic (View PDF)  Comes in white or custom color. Sunshield 3800 can be applied to capsheet, asphalt shingles and  granulated modified bitumen. When applying over smooth asphalt and tar surfaces we recommend using  Acrylastic Asphalt 900 as a primer.